Attention Americans looking for easy, healthy eating options:

44 Natural Superfoods in One Delicious Mix

Here's What All Those 'Green Drinks' Are Missing...


Today I’d like to show you a revolutionary superfood blend that could change your life.

How would you like to easily:

  • Regain your youthful energy so you have the freedom to do what you want to do?
  • Eat healthy, delicious proteins and vital nutrients for a fraction of the cost of buying these foods separately?
  • Maintain a healthy heart, your cholesterol levels and your blood sugar levels naturally?
  • Strengthen your immune system so you can avoid getting sick?
  • Regain your mental clarity?
  • Have a healthy meal that is FASTER than fast food?
  • Have a portable meal that you can take anywhere?
  • Even drop a few pounds while enjoying a delicious superfood shake mix?

How much easier would your life be if you had more energy?

How much time would you save if you could have a whole meal’s worth of organic fruit, vegetables, and greens in about 27 seconds?

Wouldn’t your life be a heck of  lot happier if you didn’t get sick as often, or if you could maintain focus at work?

You might already have shelf full of horrible tasting ‘greens drinks’.  They are convenient in our go-go lifestyle.  But most of those powders taste and smell like month-old fish.

And nearly every single on of them is missing one vital ingredient.  I’ll tell you what that ingredient is in just a moment.

First I want to tell you WHY I created this incredible superfood mix.

It All Started With an Innocent Question from My Wife Susan

“Chris, why are you so tired and run down all the time?”  she asked with genuine concern.

The question caught me off guard.  I had been feeling tired and groggy more than usual, but I thought I was doing a good job of hiding it.  After all, I was the man of the house and it was my job to JUST KEEP GOING and NEVER SHOW WEAKNESS.

But it was all for show.  Deep down I felt awful.

This is how I felt, all the time

This is how I felt, all the time

To be blunt, I felt old and fat.

I felt like I needed a nap all day, everyday.  If I could have, I would have spent all day in bed.  But like you, that just wasn’t an option.

Plus, I was gaining weight at an alarming rate.  I had packed on about 20 pounds in couple years and HATED the way my body looked and felt.

My wife knows me too well.  She saw the signs of fatigue, excess fat and became concerned.

I answered her question with another question: “How is that you DON’T feel tired all the time?

I thought I was just feeling OLD.  I thought this is what I should be feeling as I got older.

I thought getting sick with a cold or flu every 3-4 months was normal.  But my wife is actually 4 years older than I am and she almost never gets sick.

And she’s one of these Energizer Bunnies that never seems to tire.  She is constantly moving, taking care of the house chores, family and garden while I earn a living.  And she seemed to maintain the same weight she had in her 20’s.

That’s When She Revealed Her Secret…

Susan pulled out a little can of ‘green powder’ that she had been using. It turns out that early every morning, while I was still in bed nursing my aching, overweight body, she had been drinking a healthy greens drink.  She thought I would think it was too weird drinking ‘green juice’. It was full of healthy vegetables, greens, and probiotics.  It was her secret to what seemed like superhuman energy.

So I tried it.  Let me tell you two things about that darn greens powder:

  • It worked.  Almost immediately I had more energy, less pain, and more mental clarity.
  • It tasted AWFUL.  It tasted like lawn clippings and smelled like 5-day-old fish.  YUCK.

But I powered through, and kept taking it.  And slowly I got my youthful energy back.  I got sick a lot less often.  And I even lost a few pounds in that first month because I had so much more energy to exercise and work on house projects.

I started to think about how this stuff worked.  And that’s when I realized something…

It Hit Me Like a Ton of Bricks: I Felt Awful Because of What I Was Putting in My Body

If you’re like me, you’re busy.  Even my retired friends fill the days with activity.  There’s always something to be done.

And if you’re still working full time like I am, the never-ending household chores and projects just seem to pile up and are never truly DONE.

There are never enough hours in the day, even if you don’t work full time.

The thing that tends to get neglected, or just plain forgotten, is your diet.

I would eat on the go all the time.  Like me, you probably grab a quick snack at a fast food restaurant, or even the gas station.  Some days we forget to eat altogether.  And when we do sit down to eat, we usually fill up on heavy carbohydrates and processed food.

This was the real problem: the food I was putting in my body.

That’s When I Bumped Into My Friend Dr. Patrick Conrad

I’m probably a lot like you.  I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV.  I’ve become skeptical of Western Medicine, but there are a handful doctors I do trust.

Dr. Patrick Conrad is one of those doctors I trust.

Dr. Conrad is a friendly Floridian and board certified physician. He’s been practicing for 23 years.

Dr. Conrad grew up hunting and exploring the backwoods swaps of the Blue Ridge Mountains. After attending The Citadel, he joined the Navy and flew spy missions targeting Soviet submarines. He has over 200 carrier landings under his belt.

After the Navy he felt the pull toward medicine. He graduated from the University of Florida College of Medicine in 1996.  Soon after he went into private practice and eventually emergency medicine.

I started chatting to Dr. Conrad about my experience with the greens powder and feeling better.  I told him how awful it was but that it seemed to be really helping me.

Dr. Conrad is incredibly spry for his 54 years.  I’ve always been envious of his youthful energy.  But I thought he’d have a negative impression of this greens powder, because honestly it seemed a little like something a ‘hippy’ would drink.

Dr. Conrad surprised me when he said “Oh yes, I take a greens drink every day too.  You’re right they taste terrible, but boy do they work!” in his soft southern drawl.

That’s when the lightbulb went off.  I said to Dr. Conrad: “Why don’t you help me come up with a healthy meal replacement powder that tastes great AND will help people have more energy and maybe even lose some weight?

Former Navy Flier and Medical Doctor Endorses New Superfood

So Dr. Conrad decided to join the company as an advisor. He has reviewed the medical facts and believes that the superfood has changed his nutrition and his life for the better.

Dr. Conrad keeps a jar of our superfood in his truck at all times. In fact he keeps it right next to the bug out bag he keeps around for the violent storms the Gulf coast can get without notice.

And when he needs a pick-me-up during a long shift, or is in a rush and doesn’t have the time for a healthy meal, he shakes up some superfood with some water.  That helps him get through those long hospital shifts AND has helped him maintain mental focus while he’s saving lives.


“I love this stuff, I go through 2 canisters a month because it’s so delicious and it makes me feel so good.

You’d be shocked at how fattening and unhealthy most hospital food is! I have a closet full of greens powders that my wife buys that I never eat because they taste so stinking bad.

I can’t keep this stuff around I go through it so fast.

Dr. Patrick Conrad
The Good Doctor and I Decided We Wanted to Make Something Healthy That We’d Be Proud to Have Our Friends and Family Drink

We wanted to make a product that I not only used myself but would trust to give to kids, my family, and my friends.  After tapping his years of experience we dug further. We thoroughly researched medical studies, university publications, and hundreds of medical journals.

Our research made us realize that a proper wellness and meal replacement drink should have all of these things:

  • Greens and vegetables to provide all the missing vitamins and minerals the body needs
  • Turmeric and cinnamon to relieve creeky and painful joints
  • Probiotics and enzymes to boost the immune system and ease digestion
  • Sea vegetables to provide essential nutrients and minerals for heart health
  • Flax and chia seed for brain-rejuventating Omega-3’s

And maybe most important of all:

  • PROTEIN to feed the body’s essential functions, build strength, and create a complete, healthy meal-in-one mix

And then Dr. Conrad told me something that surprised me given that he’s part of the medical establishment: it needed to be ALL NATURAL.

‘Big Pharma’ Doesn’t Want You to Know About This…

Our pharmaceuticals industry doesn’t want you to go ‘all-natural’.  That would be bad for business.  They’d prefer to get you addicted to their drugs so they can keep their all-mighty money machine running.

This is the truth unfortunately.

This is the truth unfortunately.

The drug giants know full well that there are dozens of all natural cures out there.  These cures have been around for centuries.  But if their customers discovered just how effective and easy these remedies were, they’d practically be out of business.

So they smear ‘all natural’ remedies because it takes money from their pocket.  But you’re smart enough to know that Mother Nature and God Himself created life-restoring, plant-based solutions to our health problems…

Here’s What All Those Greens Mixes You See Now Are Missing …

You’ve probably seen the glut of ‘greens drinks’ that are flooding the market now. They’re everywhere all of a sudden, and that’s because they work. They contain wonderful nutrients and vital minerals that the typical American diet simply don’t provide.

But nearly every one of them are missing one thing: protein.

Protein, as you probably know, is essential for human survival. It’s the reason we can heal wounds, repair tissue, and build muscle and bones.   It even generates skin, hair and finger nails.  Protein is the primary reason humans have the capacity to reason, to learn and have the advanced brain function that we do.

And yet all those healthy greens drinks are neglecting this essential building block: protein.

When you’re body doesn’t get enough protein, it’s starts to consume it’s own muscles and tissue.  Without it, you get weak and your muscles wither away.

To survive, you must have healthy protein.

So we included 40% of your daily recommended dosage of protein in every serving, to create a TRUE SUPERFOOD.

And then we tried the mix on ourselves and our close family.  We worked hard to get just the right amount of protein, nutrients, and supplements so that it not only made us feel great, but tasted great too.

Let me tell you, it was NOT easy!  But we persevered and finally found the right balance.

This superfood worked so well, I just had to share it with others.  Folks like me that were struggling with the same debilitating weight, fatigue, pain and mental fogginess that I was before I came up with this new formula.

And so, Dr. Conrad and I proudly present to you…

American All-Natural SuperFood

American All-Natural SuperFood Vanilla-sm

The Affordable and Convenient Way to Get Protein, Vital Nutrients, and the Natural Supplements You Need in One Meal – Now in a Delicious Vanilla Flavor!

Never before has one formula contained so much protein AND essential, natural nutrients.


“Thank you so much… that is what I call excellent service… I am enjoying your product and I am successful loosing weight and will recommend it to several people.

Two pounds in four days, with hardly any effort. Thanks again!”

Penny Adams, Pearland TX
American Flag…And it’s made right here in our US mixing facility. (Have you ever wondered where those other supplements are made?) It was important to us that we keep our product, the jobs it would provide, and the quality we could ensure right here in America.


We Are As Concerned as You Are About What You Put in Your Body, So We Only Use the BEST Ingredients!

There’s been a lot of media coverage lately about the crap that manufacturers put in their supplements.  Dr. Conrad and I were really concerned about this too, so we spent months finding only the best ingredients for our superfood.

We were determined NOT to end up like these guys!

We were determined NOT to end up like these guys!

Our blend is sourced from only the finest American-made ingredients.  And we specifically chose them for the ability to be absorbed by the body – so you get the full benefit of these amazing, natural remedies! our facility follows the National Sanitation Foundations’s Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines.

These guidelines provide a system to ensure that our product has the identity, strength, composition, quality, and purity that appear on the label.

We do all this so you know you can trust American All Natural Superfood!


“Chris I lost 9 pounds, I went from 236 lbs to 227.2 that is great considering the time frame (one week!) and barely exercising, just walking my dogs.

Cindy A. Verdell, Georgia, USA

Life-Restoring Ingredient #1:

Finally a Healthy, Muscle-Restoring Protein That Is Non-Allergenic

Unfortunately, one of our primary sources of protein has been hijacked by the agri-giant monopolies and the chemical companies.

Much of the milk we see in the grocery store, and the whey protein that comes from milk, cannot be trusted. The cows are now pumped full of steroids, hormones and antibiotics that are then passed on to you. This is probably why we’re seeing dairy allergies and lactose sensitivity skyrocket in this country.

I bet you didn’t know that the milk homogenization process produces the same chemical that is used in dry cleaning!

set of vegetable fruits isolated on white background

We use all natural pea protein in our mix

So we decided to make our protein dairy free, using all-natural pea and brown rice protein. These are easily digested and have no hormones and no antibiotics..

In fact the Journal of The International Society of Sports Nutrition recently found in a double blind study that pea protein and whey protein had the same affect on increasing strength and muscle mass.2

Imagine actually restoring muscle and strength….


Life-Restoring Ingredient #2:

The Fat-Burning Power of Spirulina

Some of the best medicines comes from the places you least expect. Spirulina, which comes from blue-green algae that grows naturally in tropical oceans, was used by the Chinese for food and medicine for centuries. It’s been proposed as a food source for long term space travel because of it’s easy to grow and  it’s nutritional value. Spirulina is a source of antioxidants, iron, B12, magnesium and protein.

Algae is grown in pristine ocean waters

Spirulina is grown in pristine ocean waters

Exciting new medical studies have shown this amazing algae to help with a many common ailments and diseases :

  • It can reduce LDL levels
  • Spirulina has strong antioxidant levels
  • It’s been used as a treatment for arsenic poisoning
  • Chronic inflammation
  • It’s a natural anti-virus
  • It’s known to boost the immune system

Imagine improving your heart health naturally…


Life-Restoring Ingredient #3:

Harnessing the Power of the Sun for Healthy Living

Our planet provides a huge bounty of healing plants. Some of these harness hard-to-find vitamins and minerals, other harness the sun itself. That is the case with the little-known Chlorella.

Chlorella acts as a tiny little engine, turning 20% of it’s available sunlight into nutritional energy. Chlorella is a great source of protein, fiber, magnesium and essential nutrients. But that’s not what is really exciting about Chlorella. It’s been used in Eastern Medicine for centuries.

All-natural Chlorella plant in its native environment

All-natural Chlorella plant in its native environment

Chlorella has these amazing health benefits:

  • It can reduce body fat percentages and cholesterol 6
  • It’s being increasingly prescribed to patients with damaged immune systems5
  • Chlorella can reduce blood-glucose levels6
  • It is a powerful detoxifier and can remove heavy metals from the body 7
  • It provides a powerful boost to the immune system 8
  • It’s a powerful antioxidant which can slow the aging process and make you look AND feel younger 9
  • Chlorella is very high in magnesium which a key contributor to mental clarity and battling depression

And, we’ve added only the highest-quality chlorella you can find. Ours is NOT high-heat treated and the cell walls have been partially broken for maximum digestion and nutrient absorption

Imagine improved brain function and reducing body fat everyday with a tasty shake mix…



10, 11, 12

Life-Restoring Ingredient #4:

Body-Healing Grass Extracts For Antioxidants and More
We use gluten-free barley an wheat grass extracts

We use gluten-free barley and wheat grass extracts

We combined the life-healing effects of gluten-free wheat grass and barley grass because it has amazing health benefits. It’s been called ‘natures finest medicine’ by naturopaths at the Hippocrates Health Institute. These all-natural grasses can help with:

  • It has been clinically proven to heal the intestinal lining 13
  • It’s been proven to help patients maintain healthy immunity levels 114
  • It has impressive antioxidant properties 14
  • In a recent study it reduced fat cells in rats 14


Life-Restoring Ingredient #5:

Probiotics for Healthy Digestion and a Stronger Immune System

Bad anti-bioticsAntibiotic use has skyrocketed in this country over the last 50 years. It seems like if you go in the doctor’s office with so much as a sniffle, you’ll walk out with a prescription for antibiotics.

But recent research has shown that killing off the sensitive microbes in your gut (which is what antibiotics do) can have many unwanted side effects.

These nasty side effects of antibiotic use can include:

  • Reduced immune response
  • Increased storage of fat
  • Increased population of antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Feedlot 2Ranchers have been giving turkeys, cows, and pigs heavy doses of antibiotics for years for two reasons: they can stave off common livestock infections AND it helps the livestock gain weight!
Why You Need Probiotics Starting Today

Probiotics, on the other hand, can help restore the natural ecosystem that occurs in our gut. Restoring the balance of bacteria in our gut has been shown to have a lot of amazing benefits.  According to recent Harvard Medical School publication 15:

  • Treats diarrhea safely and effectively
  • Can help sufferers of digestive issues
  • Bolsters the immune system

In fact a recent University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine stated:


It’s much easier to start moving if a car is idling than if its engine is cold. Similarly, if the immune system is already warmed up, it can better cope with pathogenic invaders. The implication of these initial findings in animals, he says, is that prolonged antibiotic use in humans may effectively throttle down the immune system, such that it is no longer at peak efficiency.

Probiotics can keep the immune system running at peak efficiency and ‘warmed up’ and “keep the immune system primed to more effectively fight infection from invading pathogenic bacteria.”

Let me ask you this, would you like to be sick LESS often?

More Life-Restoring Ingredients:
PLUS a Whole Host of Healthy Supplements

We wanted this to be a complete mixture with nearly everything you need to look and feel great.

So we included all these incredible superfoods in our mix, each one specifically chosen to maximize your health, energy, and weight loss:

  • CoQ10, a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from damage caused by toxins and agingCinnamon to help lower blood sugar levels

  • Turmeric to help lower inflammation and joint pain 16

  • Acerola Cherry, which is super-loaded with Vitamin C, to prevent scurvy (which can be caused by survival food!) and help heart health

  • Flax Seeds to control inflammation, digestion, and cholesterol naturally

  • Chia seeds which are loaded with Omega 3’s and great for heart health

  • Cocoa powder for heart health and energy

  • Organic Broccoli, Spinach, Beets, Carrots, Tomatoes, Parsley, Cabbage, and Kale (it’s a like a salad in a delicious drink) for essential nutrients AND alkalinity

  • Organic Apples, Blueberries, Raspberries, and Strawberries for a power-pack of vitamins and anti-oxidants (a diet rich in berries has been shown to reduce cognitive decline!)19

  • Kelp, a rich source of Iodine for thyroid support and detoxification

  • Milk thistle and dandelion root to help remove toxins from your liver and body, giving you clear thinking and more energy

  • Our proprietary blend of digestive enzymes and probiotics for better digestion and so that your body can absorb the nutrients of all of the food you eat in a day

  • Ginseng to fortify your immune system, lower blood sugar levels, and boost your energy

  • Ginger to add a delicious taste, boost your immune system, and regulate your digestion and stomach issue.

  • Aloe Vera – yet another ‘miracle’ plant we’ve included, for regulating your digestive system, detoxifying your body, and boosting your immune system


“Alkalize” Your Body To Feel Younger

Our Traditional American Diet (TAD) is highly acidic – which wreaks havoc on our body making us feel tired, sick, and weak. Our American All-Natural Superfood reverses that. It’s loaded with greens and veggies that alkalize your body.

That’s part of the reason it makes you feel so great:


What can an alkaline diet do for you?

Our Mixture is Completely GMO-Free

Monsanto, the FDA, and the agri-giants that have monopolized our food supply are intent on altering our food beyond recognition. They’ve created food in a lab and then grow it using herbicides and pesticides that can cause cancer, autism, and Alzheimer’s.

download (4)So we’ve made our American All-Natural SuperFood completely GMO-free. Those companies can’t get their hands on our ingredients as they focus efforts on monopolizing our corn, soy and wheat supplies. Which is a big reason why we chose our all-natural, wholesome ingredients. We wanted to make a healthy mixture that you can trust is free of all the chemicals and genetically-modified ingredients that are so prevalent in our food supply, and we’ve done just that.


Plus, We Made it Allergen-Free

allergen-rubber-stamp-set-green-stamps-common-allergens-37246915I have a few food sensitivities myself, and so does my wife. So I wanted to make sure that nearly anyone could enjoy our superfood. So I made sure it is:

  • Dairy, Milk, and Whey Free
  • Soy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Peanut Free
  • Shellfish Free
  • Hormone Free
  • Vegan Friendly
But Don’t Take My Word for How Amazing This Superfood Really Is…

Here’s what some of our most recent customers had to say…


“Hi  Chris,  I just tried my superfood drink and was very happy with the taste.

I drink another green juice every day, but it does not have the protein in it so this will be even better. I want to be healthy and lose weight so hope this is going to help with both. Thanks,

Gale Dufresne, FL


“Love this!

Ever since I used protein drinks 8 years ago to lose weight, I’ve loved the convenience of making a snack (or even a meal if I really am not interested in cooking) with protein powder. And I’ve continuously refined my choice in clean protein. I always keep some powder in my car to mix with my ever-present water.

We have considered protein powder the perfect source in a crisis, no animals or even beans to grow, care for, feed, worry @ weather etc etc.

…I’m especially happy to see all the additional elements added. We use a lot of those now but it’s a lot of different containers, with different exp dates and # of servings.

I love math but I don’t want to spend that much time managing powders!

Thank you.

Marcia Turner, TX


“Yep getting great results…especially the energy boost has helped tremendously cut back on coffee…from around 3 cups to 1….looking to cut out that last cup too…

And have actually noticed a 3 lb weight loss even just using the sample for a few days; my before breakfast was bagels, cream cheese and 20 ounces of coffee…

So more energy, eating better, better nutrition, sustained energy with less coffee and some weight loss….and it fills me up so yes I can say it is exceeding my expectations!


Frank Davis
The Problem With ‘Health Food’ is it’s So Darn EXPENSIVE

University of CambridgeYou probably already know that you could improve your diet and improve your health. But eating healthy is expensive.   A recent Cambridge University Study showed that eating healthy costs 3X as much as eating junk food.

The agri-giants have seized upon America’s need to get healthy and intentionally created prices that most people simply cannot afford. This is straight from the Cambridge study:

We need to address the high and rising prices of healthier foods, which is likely to be influenced by a number of factors including agricultural policy and production, food distribution, and retail pricing strategies…
That’s Why I Wanted to Make an Affordable Solution That Tastes GREAT

So I’ve decided to make the American All-Natural Superfood affordable for everyone. Just one serving of American All-Natural Superfood is the equivalent of all this:

1 Serving of American All-Natural Superfood =

  • 2 Eggs (protein)
  • 1 serving of flax, chia, and hemp seeds (omega-3’s)
  • 1/2 bottle of organic kombucha (probiotics)
  • 1 pill of digestive enzyme supplement
  • 1 pill of acerola cherry supplement
  • 1 pill of turmeric (anti-inflammatory)
  • 1 pill of milk thistle
  • 1 pill of dandelion root
  • 1 pill of CoQ10
  • 1 multivitamin with iron, magnesium, zinc, and copper
  • Organic wheat grass powder
  • Chlorella and Spirulina powder
  • Mix of organic vegetables, fruits and herbs
  • Cinnamon, ginseng, ginger, aloe vera extract


Who has the time - or the MONEY - for all this?

Who has the time – or the MONEY – for all this?

In fact, if you tried to gather all the ingredients yourself and make your own mix it would cost $5.70 per serving vs. just $2.40 per serving for our mix.  THAT’S A 50% DISCOUNT TO MAKING YOUR OWN.

And just think of all the time you would need to actually shop for all those ingredients and supplements, combine them into a blender, and actually make them taste good with sugary juices or milk. And can you imagine what all that would taste like?

Our American All Natural Food has a delicious vanilla flavor.  In fact it is so delicious I find myself craving it for a healthy, satisfying dessert or whenever I have a ‘sweet tooth’.  And it has zero sugar!

So Just for Folks Willing to Try Dr. Conrad and My American All-Natural SuperFood

I checked other mixes out there and was stunned at the prices they were asking!

  • Most were missing protein, so I immediately dismissed them. Protein is critical.
  • Some had some of the critical ingredients we had but were significantly more expensive.
  • Others were in our price range, but they were LOADED with sugar (that’s a quick way to put on weight, feel tired, and have poor memory) and had HALF of the vital nutrients we have!  We have ZERO sugars in our mix!

Just looks at this comparison chart!

NOTE: NO ONE uses the same scientifically formulated mix of essential nutrients and supplements that we do!

So we’re not going to charge:

$127 for a month’s supply like the famous Athletic Greens (that’s $4.23/serving and doesn’t even include protein!)

Or $73.75/month like Vibrant Health PureGreen Protein (that’s $2.46 per serving! and has lots more sugars, and no veggies, no healthy and cleansing grasses, no probiotics..the list goes on..)

Because the good doctor and I wanted to make something healthy and affordable:

Price today:




For one month’s supply (28 servings, 32 oz, which is TWO POUNDS) of delicious and complete protein-and-greens, in one delicious vanilla-flavored drink.


American All-Natural SuperFood Vanilla-sm

Just Choose Which of the Three Options Below is Best for You

SALE OPTIONS 2 vanillaSALE OPTIONS 2 vanillaSALE OPTIONS 2 vanilla
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Now In Stock!  Get Yours While They Last!


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly about my transaction…

I would also like to add that I have a sense you are running a very thorough and thoughtful operation.

In addition to the fantastic product, I really appreciated the follow up emails I received after our first order. They kept me informed on when to expect delivery (without having to ask) and re-explained your product’s benefits and reason for those benefits without just being more marketing.

Finally the instructions and suggestions you included in the box with the product were very helpful and showed a real sense of empathy and a connection with your new customers… right down to where to find the scoop and how to dig it out!

Thanks again for your great product and great customer service.

Bob Bennett, Wilmette, IL

Plus, if you upgrade, I’ll include these one-time only bonuses for anyone ordering today:

Bonus #1: FREE American Superfood Shaker (normally $9.95)

This FREE shaker allows you to:SHAKER -sm

  • Put in one scoop of American All-Natural Superfood
  • Whichever liquid you prefer: water, almond milk, milk
  • Lightly shake and mix.

The “mixer ball” inside does all the hard work for you, easily blending the mix into a smooth, delicious shake.

This is perfect for when you’re on the go, driving, or even heading into the woods.


Bonus #2: FREE Ebook Natural Herbal Home Remedies (normally $27)

This 82-page guide is packed with information, tips, and tricks that will help you:

  • Reduce medical costs so you have more money to spend on the things YOU wantHERBAL REMEDIES 3D-sm
  • Be in control of how you want to use your health items. If you like drinks and teas, aromatherapy, or external rubs – there are many options – so you can enjoy you can have natural treatments that are the way that YOU like.
  • Uncover the 12 stress reducers so you can sleep better at night, enjoy your day, and slow the aging process.
  • See what gives you more energy, removes pain, and cures those nagging ailments naturally, with things that are probably already in your cabinet
  • Find a fix for you particular health problem with our comprehensive A-Z guide breakdown. Each aliment has multiple natural herbal home remedy solutions.  So now you can finally feel better WITHOUT those expensive and horrible prescription drugs.
  • Be prepared for any emergency or survival situation with natural herbs that are inexpensive and or even FREE if you grow yourself.

Here are only a few issues that you can address with this guide:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Memory Loss
  • Indigestion
  • Stress
  • Eyestrain
  • Cataracts
  • Burns
  • …and that’s just the tip of the iceberg…


Bonus #3: FREE Ebook Detoxify Your Body (normally $10)

This one-of-a-kind, 25-page FREE guide will show you:

  • Boost your Energy – So you can garden, play with your grandkids, and get together with friendsDETOXIFY 3D-sm
  • Lose some Pounds – So you look great, feel better, and make it easier on your heart
  • Build your Immune System – So you stay healthy all year long
  • Have Better Looking Skin – Slow down wrinkles, have that youthful glow
  • Think Clearly – Stay on top of your day.
  • And Much More – Better breath, Anti-Aging Benefits, Generally Feel Better.

Inside this guide you’ll learn:

  • What is Detox: Learn the various methods of detoxing your body
  • How to lose weight with detoxification
  • Options for pure colon cleansing
  • Natural tips for detoxing easily
  • Recipes for home made remedies to drink
  • Home made remedies for skin detox
  • How to stay detoxed!
Bonus #4: FREE Weekly Health E-Newsletter (normally $29/year)

Dr. Conrad and I are constantly researching new health breakthroughs.  We’ll share them all with you in our weekly email newsletter, delivered to your inbox free of charge.

There are natural health tips and tricks, and easy remedies that you can find right in your cupboard or the local grocery store.

Our focus is on easy and affordable remedies from Nature’s pantry!

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I know you’re a savvy individual, and you’re looking for easy ways ensure your eat healthy, delicious meals for a fraction of the price you’d spend at the grocery store.

But you want to know that there is no risk to your hard earned money before you invest in this new superfood meal system.

So I’ll do that, but I won’t just guarantee your money back if you’re not happy.  I’ll make four guarantees for you – AND I’ll double your money back to show you how serious I am.

  • 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. I’ll warranty your superfood for a FULL YEAR. If at any time you’re not happy with your mix, EVEN IF YOU DRINK ALL OF IT, justlet me know and I’ll return your money, no questions asked.
  • Double-Your-Money-Back Performance Guarantee. I’m such a believer in this great new superfood, I’m going to bet the price of the mix that you’ll love it too. So, try out American All-Natural Superfood for one full year.  Test this one-of-a-kind meal system for yourself.  If you’re not feeling and looking better, I’ll not only return your money, but I’ll double it as an apology for wasting your time.
  • Customer Service Guarantee. I guarantee you’ll receive the best customer service you’ve ever seen. If there are EVER any issues with billing or receiving your materials, just email me personally at [email protected] or you can call 970-367-7624, or write to me at The Self Reliance Association, 1815 Central Park Drive #358, Steamboat Springs, CO, 80477.  I will get back to you always within 24 hours and usually within a couple hours.  I have been so frustrated by the decline in customer service over the years in this country, that I am determined to change it for the better for our members.

So you’ll get your money back for a full year if you don’t like the superfood.  AND if you try it for 60 days and determine it just didn’t work for you, I’ll DOUBLE your money back.

It’s all part of my triple guarantee, and it’s only for American All-Natural Superfood customers.

We’re also A-Rated members of the Better Business Bureau and TrustGuard – great companies that ensure consumers like yourself are protected if there are any issues.

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Nearly Every Doctor You’ll Ever Speak to Would Prescribe MORE of This…

There was a time when ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ was the most common medical advice. I remember those days fondly. When you went to the doctor, he took the time to find out not just what was wrong with you, but how you were living, what you were eating. He would ask about whether you were getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising.

Now our medical system seems more interested in ‘churn and burn’.  Which is writing a prescription and getting you OUT THE DOOR so they can cram more appointments into the day.

So much of this is driven by the health insurance industry that discourages doctors from spending too much time with patients.  And it’s a symptom of a healthcare system that is in bed with the pharmaceutical companies.

Remember when your doctor used to say after nearly every appointment: “Eat your vegetables,  get some exercise”? Now you’ll get MORE vegetables and have the ENERGY to exercise with the American All-Natural Superfood.

If You’ve Got 37 Seconds a Day, You Can Have a Healthy Meal or Snack Anytime, Anywhere

FACT: shopping, finding recipes, and preparing healthy, delicious food is HARD.  It takes a ton of time and energy.  Most of us just don’t have the time to do it everyday.

It could take you 2 HOURS or more to shop for and cook a healthy meal.  Even making a smoothie is extremely time consuming.

Our superfood is ready to drink in about 27 seconds.  What will you do with that extra two hours per day?

Making a smoothie is great, but who has the time?

Making a smoothie is great, but who has the time?

This is a way you can have a healthy, tasty meal FAST.

In fact, our superfood is FASTER THAN FAST FOOD!

This is the perfect meal for those days when you’re traveling, working hard, or just plain too busy to eat.  I take it nearly every day, but many of my friends like it just for the days when they need that extra boost.

We Know We Need To Eat More Fruits, Vegetables and Greens – Now It Can Be EASY

Now that we know you need MORE natural proteins, vegetables and greens in your diet to improve your health, are you ready to take action?

Only a fool believes that the typical American diet provides what they need to live a long, healthy life.  It’s time to make the changes you need to stay healthy.

You can do nothing, and expect the same results you’ve always had.  Or you can try something new, and do something to GET HEALTHY NATURALLY.

You need food that is good for you. That gives you energy.  Delicious, nutrient rich, AND convenient.

Now you can:

  • Crush those cravings you get for fattening foods
  • Have more energy
  • Have more mental clarity
  • Have less pain
  • Have less inflammation
Don’t Wait, We Have Limited Quantities Available…And Your Health Can’t Wait Another Day

Our first production run has been so popular that it’s nearly sold out.

We only made 500 jars in our initial run because getting our hands on the best ingredients we can find is a priority – and they are NOT easy to find.

But I want to get this into your hands so you can try it right away.

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Every day that slips by with you eating the same old processed-food and pre-packaged poison that BIG  FOOD is shoveling down your throat means another day with pain, poor health, and low energy.

Take Control of YOUR Health and Diet NOW with Our American All-Natural SuperFood

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American All-Natural SuperFood Vanilla-sm


Do Me and The Doc One Favor When You Get Your Superfood in the Mail…

When you get your American All-Natural Superfood in the mail please do us one quick favor.

Try it.  Mix it up in the free shaker with some ice cold milk, soy milk, or ice water.

Drink the entire glass of our refreshing mix.

Let it soak in a bit.  Let the vital nutrients radiate through your body and mind.

Feel the natural plants and proteins rejuvenate you with a warming energy boost.

Then let me know right away what you think of it.

If it’s not one of the most delicious, most invigorating, most nutritious drinks you’ve ever tried I want you to let me know right away.

Woman Drinking shake

Your health and satisfaction is a priority for us and we want your feedback!

Even if we didn’t earn your business today, Dr. Conrad and I would just like to thank you for taking the time to read this important information.  We both hope you’ll take control of your own health the way we have.

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Chris Peterson                                                  Dr. Patrick Conrad, MD
The Healthy Living Association                    The Healthy Living Association


P.S. Even if you’re skeptical about the medical benefits, how nice would it be to have a completely nutritious and delicious meal replacement that you can take anywhere?  Or you can stick in in your bug out bag?  Or your food hoard?  Or save it for a rainy day when you need a meal on the go and just don’t feel like going to the grocery store.  THIS is the meal replacement you’ve always needed, but never had.

P.P.S. For 90% of Americans, weight loss is simple: eat fewer calories, burn more calories.  Do that and most people can’t help but lose weight.  Now you can have the energy to be active and burn calories.  And you can eat fewer calories by replacing just one meal a day with our amazing superfood.  When you think of it this way, weight loss is pretty easy.

P.P.P.S.  Maybe you’re perfectly happy with your weight and your health, but you’re still looking for a healthy, delicious meal that will you give you the nutrition and energy to keep going through the day.  That meal is finally here with the American All-Natural Superfood…


“Wonderful, natural protein supplement that actually tastes good and is easy to mix for someone on the go or as a quick meal.  Very easily digested and also non-gmo.

I LOVE this stuff and recommend it to my patients all the time.

Dr. Clay Pendleton, MD
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the ingredients in the SuperFood?

A: Here is the label from the actual product. Notice there are ZERO sugars (we have no artificial sweeteners) and 20 grams of protein!

12-3-15 Supplement Facts


Q: What do you mix the Superfood with?

A: I like to mix it with almond milk, but many of our customers use regular milk, soy milk, or even water.  Honestly, it tastes really good with any of those options thanks to its subtle sweetness and hint of vanilla flavoring.  I do suggest taking the option with the shaker. It is much easier and faster to mix the Superfood with your favorite beverage by shaking it rather than stirring it.

Q: Where do you make this superfood powder?

A: Our superfood is created at a FDA-licensed facility in New Jersey right in here in the USA.  The facility is inspected quarterly by the FDA for cleanliness, accuracy of instruments, and food guidelines.

Q: What is the quality of your Chlorella and other ingredients?

A: Our chlorella has a partially-broken cell wall and is not high-heat treated, so it’s optimized for your digestion and nutrient absorption.  As for ALL our ingredients, we make sure to add nothing but the highest quality ingredients that can be found on the market.  Our facility is tested and inspected by the FDA 3-4 times per year to make sure that what you are getting is safe and high quality.

Q: What if I’m already taking a supplement that is in the Superfood?

A: We’re legally required to tell you to ask your doctor for more information on where you should take the superfood AND your existing supplements.  Each individual situation is different.  However the  levels in our superfood are such that taking this Superfood in addition to your regular supplements should not be harmful.

Q: Does the SuperFood contain any sugar?

A: No, our SuperFood contains ZERO sugars.  We use all natural stevia leaf extract to add just the right amount of sweetness.

Q: Does the SuperFood contain any soy, by any name?

A: No, our SuperFood contains no soy whatsoever.

Q: Does the SuperFood contain Vitamin K?

A: It basically has none. According to the National Institute of Health, daily recommended adequate intakes (AI) for adults is 120 mcg for men and 90 mcg for women. Our SuperFood contains 0.075 mcg per serving. This is less than 1/1000 of these NIH guidelines.

Q: What does ‘natural flavors’ mean in your ingredients?

A: We use natural vanilla bean flavor in the superfood.

Q: I have a food allergy, does your mixture contain gluten/soy/dairy?

A: I have a gluten intolerance as well so we made absolutely sure that there is ZERO gluten, soy, dairy, nuts and shellfish.

Q: How many servings are in one container?

A: There are 28 servings per container.

Q: Can American All-Natural SuperFood replace one or more of my meals?

A: Yes, especially if you’re hoping to lose a few pounds. Sometimes, I like just like to chew on some food also to get that satisfied feeling.  So adding some fruit, nuts or yogurt to the Superfood really hits the spot.

Q: Is American All-Natural SuperFood vegan?

A: Yes, there are no animal products in our superfood.

Have a question that we don’t answer here?  Just Email [email protected] and I’ll get right back to you!



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Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, this product is not designed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.